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Request A Tune Up/ Peace of Mind Maintenance

Keep your system running efficiently and reliably. An annual tune up will help avoid a potential breakdown at the most inconvenient time. Excel Comfort will give you a summary of how your system is performing and answer any questions you may have about the comfort of your home. Peace of Mind Maintenance gives you the ease of knowing your system has been thoroughly looked over. There are many electrical components, connections, moving parts, and pressures that need annual attention. Being a part of Excel Comfort’s Peace of Mind program gives you many benefits.

  • New System Replacement Discounts
  • Two Annual Visits by a Technician
  • Prevents a potential breakdown
  • Extends Life of Equipment
  • Quieter Running Equipment
  • Keeps System Running Efficiently
  • Maintains Factory Warranty
  • Discount on Parts for Service

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    Peace of Mind Maintenance - Request a tune up